SnoreOp: Your best choice for snoring?

It is highly successful

With one procedure, 79.6% of partners said there was an improvement, with a mean improvement of 4.65 on the Snoring Scale of ten.

It often gets partners back together

Snoring has often been so bad that one of the partners leaves the room. Other situations where snoring is problematic is on camping trips, away in the boat for an overnight, snoring in a plane, snoring in a hiking hut. It is nice to know that something can be done with a high probability that the problem of snoring can be solved

It can reduce daytime sleepiness

Often snorers are very sleepy during the day, particularly if they stop breathing many times during the night. This can be measured on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and a score of twelve or more suggests Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Radiofrequency is entirely safe

Read about radiofrequency, and see the spectrum of Electromagnetic energy, showing that the R.F. we use is between AM and FM radio frequencies. It is non-ionising radiation, and thus completely safe.

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