Personal Snoring

Boy! Isn't it annoying!

We frequently hear of people too afraid to go to sleep for fear of waking or disturbing others with snoring. People seem to joke about it at your expense! You can do something about it now!

Snoring loudnessis hard to quantify, so we have adopted the scale which measures partner disturbance from snoring as probably the most relevant. After all, it is the disturbance that people present with, for us to solve.

Score yourself

The goal of treatment is to obtain a snoring score of 3 or less. This means that you will almost never waken your partner from sleep, but that if he or she wakens, you will be heard purring softly. At 3 or less the palate is merely shimmering, or not at all. At this level, there is no tendency for the palate to re-stretch, hence we can expect longevity from the snoring operation.

Three to five years what we would anticipate the duration of reduced snoring if lowered to three or less out of ten. We have someone who has not snored in the ten years since he was done! One of our doctors had two operations to get him from ten to one. It lasted four and a half years, then had crept back to about 5. One repeat minor treatment has kept it away for the last 5 years. His wife reports that he wakens her about once every 6 weeks now, which she is quite happy with!