Safety of Radiofrequency

Some get quite concerned about the safety of Radiofrequency radiation in snoring operations, but be totally reassured. We work with a frequency of 3.8 MegaHertz. This is between AM radio waves and FM Radio waves, and is certainly now known to be totally safe. The energy from radio waves is not sufficient to break up molecules, so cannot do damage that higher frequency waves can do. It lies far below Cellphone and Microwave frequencies. In every corner of the Earth, radiowaves are found (ie you can tune into many radiostations in one place in the world).

The heat that is generated is only to 80 degrees celsius

ie well below boiling point. The heated protein of your palate tissues coagulates, turns white under the surface where you cannot see it, gets gobbled up by macrophages, and turned into scar tissue. The scar tissue is a stiffener as with battens in a sail...and the more battens in a sail, the more likely the sail is to not flap around.

Electromagnetic Spectrum:

Explaining the spectrum is best done in a diagram

Radiofrequency of the frequency we use (3.8 MegaHz) lies between AM and FM radiofrequencies, far below cellphones, microwaves, xrays, and various light frequencies. It is medically proven to be completely safe. This is because it is non-ionising radiation. In other words, there is insufficient energy to damage molecules. The low energy we use causes the sodium molecules to vibrate, generating a low level heat of 80 degrees (well below even boiling temperature) which is enough to denature protein.

Denaturing protein when the tissues subjected to the low level heat whiten, and produce a scar which in this case stiffens the soft palate. You will be familiar with breaking an egg into water that is hot, but not yet boiling, when the egg white turns from clear to white. This is the same process.

This is a precision burn - measuring 14 mm long, and 6 mm diameter, and when the scar contracts, the palate stiffens.