Hints for Reducing Snoring

Hints to reduce snoring and partner disturbance:

  • Weight loss if relevant... Some thin people snore terribly too!
  • Improve fitness generally
  • Don't go to bed exhausted
  • Reduce alcohol intake...in the evenings especially
  • Reduce smoking, or better...Quit!
  • Avoid allergens which block the nose...Keeping your pillow area covered when not using it to prevent pollens and house dust mite landing where you head will spend the next 8 hours. Have tests for House Dust mite allergies. Perhaps a change from feather pillows and bedcovers might be in order!
  • Treat allergic symptoms if they cannot be fully avoided, medications and surgery
  • Sleep on your side
  • Ear Plugs for the partner
  • Chin strap made of 1 inch wide elastic, split over the chin and top of the head to keep the mouth closed. An open mouth lets out much more snoring sound than a closed mouth!
  • Trial of Drixine or Otrivine nasal spray prior to bed to see if a blocked nose contibutes to snoring by forcing you to mouth breathe. If it does help, perhaps nasal unblocking surgery is indicated. We do this too in selected cases.
  • Provide your partner with a non-lethal weapon to wake you with!