Partner Snoring

Do you have a partner who snores?

Drives you crazy! And if he is a bloke, it is so hard to mention it, because guys are so afraid of pain, ridicule, the snoring operation not working etc. Many people know how hard that is.


  • Leave this website open for him or her to happen to notice!
  • Leave the website open on "testimonials"
  • Get his mate or her friend to bring the subject up!
  • Give him a nice sandwich! In other words...if you have something that someone does not want to hear:
    • tell them something they really want to hear (top slice of bread)
    • then broach the subject of snoring and that you have found something that will probably work and does not hurt (the filling...might not taste so good)
    • then finish with another thing he would want to hear (the bottom slice of bread)


  • "Hey darling...would you like to go fishing tomorrow...the weather looks great!"
  • "Would you have a moment to look at something I found on the web?"
  • "I was thinking of farming out the kids tonight and getting out a nice video...Interested???"

Guys mostly want to know that:

  • This snore surgery does not hurt, or at the most, not much
  • The recovery is quick
  • You don't begrudge him spending money to sort the problem
  • You will come with him if he wants (many sit through the explanation and brief snoring operation with their spouses)
  • SnoreOp is most easily compared with having a small filling at the dentist...In fact many of our clients say it is MUCH better than a visit to the dentist! Guys and dentists are mortal enemies!
  • He can easily drive home afterwards
  • He will get a little worse before he gets better, and you are really happy for that.