Snoring Scale

The Snoring Scale is useful for measure the loudness and effects (disturbance factor) of your snoring.

  • No snoring at all
  • Non-disruptive slight snoring sometimes
  • Non-disruptive slight snoring about half the time
  • Non-disruptive snoring most nights
  • Disrupts partner sometimes
  • Disrupts partner about half the nights
  • Disrupts partner every night
  • Disrupts others through shut doors some nights
  • Disrupts others about half the nights of the week
  • Disrupts others every night in other rooms
  • Partner sleeps in another room often

For a more accurate measurement, your partner's opinion is required.

Your Results

0-3 Your snoring is having minimal impact.

3-10 Your snoring is disturbing other people.

HINT: If you have an IPhone or Android, you may wish to find an App which lets you get a baseline on where your snoring is. Then you can check before and after the SnoreOp to watch the improvement evolve. You can also test some of the many other treatments available to see if they make a difference (NZ Consumer 2003 states: "There is little evidence that most of these work"). Perhaps you do not have a partner, but are embarrassed with your snoring? Perhaps you do not believe your partner that you snore? It is certainly less embarrassing to record yourself than have someone else record you! The "Snore Sleep Moniter Sleep Lab" is multifunctional, and with your IPhone secured to your arm, can not only record your sleep position, but can identify sleep apnoeas and their duration.
Suggested Apps might be: Snore Sleep Inspector (cost $1.29), recording the number of decibels of every snore, and Snore Moniter Sleep Lab ($2.59) with an audio record, and a record of whether you are snoring worse on your back, left or right sides.


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